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Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose V103585 Vaico For Volkswagen Beetle Golf Jetta New - Vaico V103585 / V10 3585 / V10-3585 / 147 54047 740</p> <p>Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose</p>. Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose. EMISSION, System, LITER. 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. Genuine Volkswagen Part - 06A131127F (06A-131-127-F, 06A131127) Sounds like your VW Jetta failed the smog check because the Secondary Air Injection Monitor was not "ready" or complete. It should be noted that the secondary air injection monitor which checks for the performance of the air pump runs mainly when the engine is cold. Once the engine warms up the monitor is done checking the pump.

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Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose. EMISSION, System, LITER. 2016 Volkswagen Beetle. Genuine Volkswagen Part - 06A131127F (06A-131-127-F, 06A131127). Ships from Hudson Valley Volkswagen, Wappingers Falls NY Air Pump Beetle. Jetta. 2.0l. 1.8L. 2014-18. Vin code s or t. 1.4L with hybrid. Secondary air pump. May 17, 2019 · Audi A5 / S5 / RS 5 Coupe & Cabrio - Secondary Air Injection Pump - (2010 Audi A5 3.2) I have a GM secondary air injection pump on my vehicle, specifically made for Impalas.. how? Idk? But i purchased the car with it. Check engine light on for this reason.. I will be replacing with correct pump this next week, but I’m...

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Air Pump Beetle. Jetta. 2.0l. 1.8L. 2014-18. Vin code s or t. 1.4L with hybrid. Secondary air pump.Buy a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Air Pump Hose at discount prices. Choose top quality brands Genuine, Kayser, MTC, OE Supplier, OEM, Rein, Replacement, SKP, Vaico. Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose. CBUA, CBTA. 2010 Volkswagen Jetta 6-AT. Genuine Volkswagen Part - 07K131145F (07K-131-145-F). Ships from Jim Ellis Volkswagen, Atlanta GA

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Aug 11, 2016 · A car's secondary air injection system allows oxygen into the exhaust. If a hose is faulty, a car may have increased emissions and performance issues.